"I'm Not Dying" Now on iTunes

It's official! I'm Not Dying is now available on iTunes. What that means for y'all is that you can now easily purchase and download my latest album right to your "iDevice." From what I can tell most of us are listening to music on our phones, and most of us have iPhones. Sweet, so stop checking Twitter and go download the album. If you are a rebellious sort then you can still go to my Bandcamp site and download it in whatever audio format you want. You can also follow Pedrodomus on Soundcloud and listen to selections from my albums, plus some other hidden gems. Word to the bird….

"I'm Not Dying" Now Available!

Today I am happy to announce that my latest album is available for your consumption. It is called I'm Not Dying and you can get it here. For now the album is available on my Bandcamp page, and will shortly be on iTunes, Spotify, and whatever other major services you listen to your music on. I have grown throughout the making of this album as the music should reflect. I have learned tons about my own workflow and creativity, and have been aided by some great people and musical minds. I'd like to thank those people below:

First off I'd to thank all people that performed on this record. I'm grateful I know so many talented musicians that are willing to work for beer, food, or whatever I have lying around the studio. Everyone worked hard and pushed me to stay on my toes during the production process. I'm learning a human being is only as strong as the people he/she surrounds themselves with, and these people proved that. So thank you and I hope everyone enjoys the spoils of their hard work. Here are their names in no particular order: Garrett Tegano (memo),  Chris Marrone, Evy Ortiz, and Nate Crepeault (Deferlow). 

I also have to thank the man who made these tracks come to life, and that is Christopher Botta. He worked tirelessly in his studio, Staple Chest Audio, and made my songs better versions of themselves. A true engineering artist. 

Big ups to Scooter Sebastian for the beautiful drawing he created for this release. He took some basic direction and made a unique image that breathes even more life into the music. I'm a sucker for good album art, and I couldn't be more proud of how this album looks. 

Thanks to Nate Wood at Kerseboom Mastering. He mastered the album and made sure it won't blow your ears off. 

Finally thanks to friends and family that helped with getting this album pressed and released. Making an album is expensive, and we wouldn't be enjoying this music if it weren't for a few people willing to finance this project. Thank you, you know who you are.

Here's to a happy New Year, and many more albums to come in the future.

Free Music on Bandcamp!

In order to mentally prepare for the upcoming release of my latest album I have made all albums on my bandcamp site free to download. If you're not into paying for music (which I totally understand) then this is a perfect opportunity for you. On top of offering all my music for free I will be handing out discounted pre-orders on my upcoming release, I'm Not Dying, to anyone who downloads a Pedrodomus record during this periodAll of this will be done through bandcamp.com. If you are not familiar with this site I highly recommend checking it out. All it takes is an email address, and an open mind. There's tons of great musicians releasing their tunes through bandcamp from DIY artists to major labels. Plus lots of musicians are just asking for a dollar or simply your email address to download their music. Go discover some new tunes and get some old school Pedrodomus as it won't be free forever. http://pedrodomus.bandcamp.com

What's in a Name?


I'm not dying! No seriously, I'm not dying. Some may say, "hey pete, everyone is technically dying at varying speeds," but I say "wrong." Yes we will all meet our maker one day, but how many times during your day, your week, your life have you said "oh well, I'm a day closer to death?" Unless you are a very morbid individual the answer is probably not too often. The truth is most of us, including myself, live life with a sort of blind sense of hope that guides us through our days on this planet.

I'm Not Dying Album Art. Artist: Scooter Sebastian

It is this hope that helps us make decisions, that gives us motivation, and helps shape our view of humanity and our universe. It is the hope that we will live to see tomorrow, or next week, or if we're lucky next century. It gives us reason to leave a legacy. Now I'm not trying to be all cliché and such, but we are such optimistic creatures (most of us) that we tend to think of being in a state of living, not a state of dying in which we inevitably reach the end of our waking life. Songs have been written, poems recited, and canvases splashed with the goal of putting a finger on exactly what this optimism is and where it came from. Sometimes it is as simple as Eddie Veder put it: "ahhhhh uhhhh ohhhhh I'm still alive ehhhhh." But the endeavor of uncovering the mystery of humanity's hope for tomorrow is a more complicated task. The key is understanding that we all have this optimism in us, but everyone's is slightly different and made under different circumstances.

That is what the goal of this latest burst of musical expression has become for me. (Burst is actually a terrible word to describe it. It's been more of a sticky stagnated attempt at expressing myself. Take a half full jar if honey and turn it upside down. Yea, you get the picture.) I have attempted to create a sonic arrangement of the things that keep me moving. From the love of life, to the love of women. From overly sober days wasting away in the studio to debaucherous nights that I can hardly remember. These are the counterpoints that make life interesting, and give us reasons to see another day. Hence the title I chose for this album: I'm Not Dying. This album has been a labor of introspection and honesty; the search for the real me. So take it as you will. I hope you all will like the music, but that's not really point of making it. It's simply a joy to realize I'm alive and definitely not dying. Seriously I'm Not Dying.

It won't be long,



Peruvian Time Passing

I am back and finally situated after some wacky winter months. In this post I got some pics from my trip to Peru, alongside some highlights and tips you might find useful. Its taken me sometime to get my pics together and to be able to communicate the effect that Peru had on me. Take a look inside and I'll share my journey with you...

Lampshades Cycle 2: Audio

I am happy to announce that Lampshades are now available to the public! You can find the new music on my Soundcloud page. The whole collection is also available for download through my Bandcamp Page. These works were primarily composed and recorded during a 10 day period in the Aabaco Bahamas this past April. All songs were composed, recorded, and/or sequenced using various iPhone and iPad apps, and then were edited and mixed in Logic Pro. It was intended to be an experiment but I thought some of the stuff came out pretty cool. I figured I'd share some of my favorite pieces that came out of this process, and allow my friends and fans to download it to their iPhones, iPads, or whatever mobile contraption you happen to use. I hope you enjoy, and if it you guys like it we can start talking about Lampshades v2.0. 


Election Day Funny Stuffs

Anyone else feeling the Election Day blues? Maybe it's because you know your guy isn't going to win, or maybe you just realized that our whole political landscape has bullshit for soil and Drano for fertilizer. Personally I believe it's important for every American to vote if at all possible, but we have to keep it in perspective. We need to realize we're not voting to elect a person that actually has any say in our country's policies. Whether you are concerned about our economy, our foreign policy, or serious social issues you have to remember that voting on the president won't change any of that.

Your Light is Really Bright. Mind if We Cover it Up?

Lampshades have arrived!! Well, not all of them, but they will be making their way onto various websites in the next week. Tracks 1 and 2 are up on my soundcloud page. The tracks are only available to my soundcloud followers, but since I'm a nice guy you can enjoy these private links: Lamshpade v0.8.4 and Kaos Lampshade. Please enjoy yourself while listening, and make sure not to sit near any sharp objects. Check back for followups in the coming days.


Women Have Magical Powers and Everyone Takes Steroids

What a world we live in. There are more people on the earth than ever, and technology is accelerating so fast that the boundaries of what human beings are capable of are constantly being redefined. Things are changing faster then I can remember, and there is constantly more and more details to pay attention to. Perhaps that’s just what it means to get older, but as I approach 30 years young I’m noticing I’m not the only one who feels this way. It might sound like I’m about to start complaining about life, the universe, and everything, but I’m not. I actually enjoy the grind of keeping up with Twitter and Facebook, making sure I’ve got the latest articles from the Times and Journal, and trying to remember all those coupon codes in my email. I’m not here to complain about all that wonderful stuff. Rather, I’m writing to complain about a few notable doofuses and they're followers who are trying to stifle all that.

Lampshade Cycle #1: Photos

Today the first wave of the release of my upcoming project, Lampshades, has arrived. Over the next few months I'm going to take my fans and followers on a psychedelic journey involving audio, video, poetry, and still photography. The next wave is going to be the sound which I am in the process of tweaking and making sure its the best it can be for all of you. Enjoy the photos. They're on Flickr but you can also view them in my in house gallery here. Enjoy and I'll talk y'all soon. 

Check Out the New Pages...

It is time to go a little deeper into the mind of Pedrodomus. You may have noticed there's a new section on the navigation bar towards the top of the website (that is if you've visited the site before.) The lyrics & poem section gives you a glimpse into the creative process. When waves of inspiration start flooding my mind I find myself unsatisfied with one creative output. Music is moneymaker, but photography and poetry have always been a passion of mine. You'll see me update the poetry section regularly with poems that span from 2004-present day. I'm still reworking the lyrics page, but I'll let y'all know when I'm totally happy with it. Then again, this whole site is a work in progress. Enjoy the poems, and if you're waiting patiently for new music you won't have to wait much longer...

Welcome to the new and improved Pedrodomus.com

What up peoples of the world? Thanks for taking the time to visit today. On this and the following pages you will find the innerworkings of the mind and musings of me, Pete Cornell. In the past I've have been secretive and mysterious in the way in which I promote Pedrodomus. On this site you'll get a little more transparency and insight into my current projects and just generally whats on my mind. Check out the 'Sights' and 'Sounds' pages to hear my music and check out some of my favorite pics. If at times I refer to myself in the third person don't, be alarmed. That's just the inner Pedro coming out. Then again Basketball players do it all the time. Enjoy the site and thanks again for dropping by.