Free Music on Bandcamp!

In order to mentally prepare for the upcoming release of my latest album I have made all albums on my bandcamp site free to download. If you're not into paying for music (which I totally understand) then this is a perfect opportunity for you. On top of offering all my music for free I will be handing out discounted pre-orders on my upcoming release, I'm Not Dying, to anyone who downloads a Pedrodomus record during this periodAll of this will be done through If you are not familiar with this site I highly recommend checking it out. All it takes is an email address, and an open mind. There's tons of great musicians releasing their tunes through bandcamp from DIY artists to major labels. Plus lots of musicians are just asking for a dollar or simply your email address to download their music. Go discover some new tunes and get some old school Pedrodomus as it won't be free forever.