Election Day Funny Stuffs

Anyone else feeling the Election Day blues? Maybe it's because you know your guy isn't going to win, or maybe you just realized that our whole political landscape has bullshit for soil and Drano for fertilizer. Personally I believe it's important for every American to vote if at all possible, but we have to keep it in perspective. We need to realize we're not voting to elect a person that actually has any say in our country's policies. Whether you are concerned about our economy, our foreign policy, or serious social issues you have to remember that voting on the president won't change any of that. There's been very few times in our country's history when the president actually took control and made policies because he really believed in them. You can look at FDR or JFK or even Lincoln, but look at what happened to those guys. Two of them were assassinated and the other almost became the first American dictator. The president is already bought off by billionaires and major corporations before he even decides to run for the presidency. Our candidates are influenced by different and sometimes conflicting businesses and groups with different interests. Some of those interests may even seem admirable, but don't think for a second that your candidate is going to act on what he tells you during his campaign. He must stay loyal to his financial backers or he loses all his power. So go out and vote but don't vote because you really think your candidate has a better vision or because you think he is more likely to win. Go out and vote because it will make you feel good. Go vote to stand up for what you believe in. Go vote to interact with others in your community. Go vote to weigh in on all those propositions and local government officials. Go vote because its your right and millions around the world would trade their life to know their children will have a chance to vote (no matter how fake it may be.) So now that you're gonna go cast your ballot, I'll leave with what one of the greatest American minds has to say about the whole process:
Election Reminder from George Carlin