Lampshades Cycle 2: Audio

I am happy to announce that Lampshades are now available to the public! You can find the new music on my Soundcloud page. The whole collection is also available for download through my Bandcamp Page. These works were primarily composed and recorded during a 10 day period in the Aabaco Bahamas this past April. All songs were composed, recorded, and/or sequenced using various iPhone and iPad apps, and then were edited and mixed in Logic Pro. It was intended to be an experiment but I thought some of the stuff came out pretty cool. I figured I'd share some of my favorite pieces that came out of this process, and allow my friends and fans to download it to their iPhones, iPads, or whatever mobile contraption you happen to use. I hope you enjoy, and if it you guys like it we can start talking about Lampshades v2.0.