Like Glass

Like glass
Not the fragile kind
But the age worn panes
Capable of curves
And human hands.
The most disciplined,
Complex elements of the earth
Still able to peer through
The distortion to see 
What we want to see
And have it all come true.
Concrete blocks and alloyed metals
Stand no chance.
For this melted sand
Has endured the breath of ages.
1,000 lifetimes to make it strong
If we cling to it 
It becomes a song,
And if we trust it
We can carry on.



Dreams of Slumber

Dreams of Slumber

Oh sleep,
Why do you deprive me?
Golden parachutes
Abound but untimely.
Impeccable beauty
But such terrible timing.
Necessary caffeine
To keep the heart pounding.

Dreams come on slow
And are hard to remember.
Heart strong with weakened hands
I forget my slumber.
Disingenuous state of being,
I'd rather reality be my only reason
To cast off and find 
Myself in all corners of the world.

My home is far and not where
I now rest my mind.
This is temporary until my heart can find
The mat behind the door
That reads welcome,
I'm forever yours. 

The Sky is Falling

 Stare into the light

To bake the images

In the space between our eyes

And their protectors


Doesn't matter what light:

A sun, a star, a wandering beam 

In the night.


I make it resonate, 

You round out the sound.

We regress into the universe.

Let the weak force keep us bound.


Know the high road takes you down

While the long road leads you out.

Make no matter of the distance

Just the weight you carry

On your back.

Mind the wind's inflections

And take hold with all your might.

Let the sky fall beneath us

Let these two wrongs make a right.


August 6, 2012