Technology Gave Music a Ring, and Then They Said "I DO"

If you haven't noticed I happen to be a believer in technology and the benefits it has on our lives. When it comes to integrating technology into music and art I am even more of a believer. I've always said if a new technology is more efficient, easier to use, and cheaper than its predecessor it will be adopted by the masses. Take communication for example. It is thought that the Persians in the 6th century BC invented the first post. Was that not easier, cheaper, and more efficient than sending a personal messenger on horseback or whatever they used back then? When the telephone was invented did that not become cheaper, easier, and more efficient than sending a telegram? In the last few years my own mother has started to text instead of call me to get in touch. Isn't she texting because she finds it easier, cheaper, and more efficient than calling me? It can't be that she just doesn't want to talk to me, right?

 In the last decade we've seen a boom in technological advancements. There is great competition between the companies at the top and that is driving innovation. Everyone, from school teachers to doctors to construction workers now depends on the use of technology to drive their business and their passions. The same is true in music. I’d be hard pressed to think of an artist I adimre that isn't implementing the use of current technology into their workflow and finished products. I have met Artists that shun the use of technology, and sorry, but they tend to be idiots who seem happy to narrow their creative options. Granted, some of us are using these modern tools in different ways and with varying frequency, but in the end we owe it to ourselves and our work to keep all options open and to seek out the newest and best technology out there.  

 Now that I’ve exhausted over 300 words setting up what I really want to talk about, I figure I’ll give you guys a break. (If you want me to rant more on the state of technology and its relationship to the arts then buy me a couple beers and put me in a dimly lit room). In the spirit of embracing and celebrating technological advancements I wanted to offer my opinion on some of the latest tech out there. In my next post I will focus on the iPad, but I will have more posts to go along with this thread. I’ve come up with a juicy list of some of my favorite and most used apps. Stay tuned, I’ll get the list up in the near future...