Pedrodomus is the musical brainchild of Pete Cornell. The most personal and experimental output of all of Pete’s music, Pedrodomus exists in a realm where there are no preconceptions or risks. Every idea and sound is allowed to exist through an organic process that does discriminate. Success is as important as failure and failed experiments often lead to the most groundbreaking artistic discoveries. Pedrodomus has evolved from a solo endeavor to include Pete’s most trusted and creative musical comrades. With the release of two EPs slated for 2018, Pete has ventured from a colder electronic landscape into a more natural acoustic space. Left and Goat, Wolf EP eschew virtual instruments to find new passages and spectrums in the form of acoustic instruments. Live drums and intimate performances lend this music more to the Hard Rock Roots that Pete is grounded in, while inviting new aesthetics from Jazz, Indie and Electronic influences. Check out the new records here.


Current Lineup:


Vocals, Guitar, Programming / Pete Cornell

Vocals, Sampling / Maria Battinelli

Drums / Brandon Terzakis

Keyboard, Synth / Bryan Dmuchowski

Bass, Vocals / Chris Marrone


Upcoming Shows