Pedrodomus is the hidden part of Pete Cornell's brain that hordes sonic landscapes and clever musical nuances - a mashup of Industrial, Hard Rock, and Electro. This music is designed for the individual, the "electro-eclectic." Pete got his start at young age playing piano and guitar, and further expanded his musical palette by studying Classical, Jazz, and Electronic music at New York University. Pete spent a few years recording and touring with the band Bend or Break before deciding to focus on solo pursuits.

Creating sophisticated music while maintaining accessibility is the impetus behind Pedrodomus. Pete sways on the line between Hard Rock, Industrial, and Ambient Electro. From song to song you can hear the changes in style and mood in the compositions. Influenced in his youth by the grunge and alt rock movements of the 90's Pete has craftily combined his prowess as a guitar player with synths drum samples that sit on the edge of realism. the latest album, entitled “I’m Not Dying” falls more in the Rock realm than other albums. With effected guitars and long solos you can hear the influence the guitar greats of the past have had on Pete. This surely is a change of pace from the album’s predecessors. 

After releasing his “I’m Not Dying” Pete has put together an array of talented and unique musicians to perform the latest and greatest from the Pedrodomus Catalog. Look for them as they spend 2014 promoting the latest album, and don’t forget to check out the sounds and sights of Pedrodomus at If you have any questions, comments please leave them in the space below.

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